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All the endpoints in your network environment from a single console

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nPointsTM Network & Server Performance Analysis

nPointsTM Network & Server Performance Analysis helps:

  • Optimizing network availability and performance.
  • Minimizing risk by providing a secure network that meets compliance guidelines.
  • Lowering expenses by improving asset utilization.
  • Ensure Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Discover and Network Monitoring
  • nPointsTM Network discovery is the process nPointsTM uses to identify devices on your network that you may want to monitor.

  • nPointsTM creates maps of the discovered device groups. You can configure these maps, or create other device groups and configure maps for these groups as you see fit.

Network Traffic Analysis
  • Analyze Bandwidth Utilization.
  • Identify Top Capacity Consumers.
  • Ensure Capacity for Critical Applications.
  • Respond to Suspicious Activities.
  • Detect Problem Usage.
Application Performance
  • Ensure the Availability of Critical Applications.
  • Identify Business Impacts Faster.
Monitor Virtual Environment
  • VM Availability and Performance.
Configuration Management
  • Accountability and Compliance.
  • Configuration Change Alerting.
Threshold and Alert
  • Setup Notification Policies.
  • Configurable Thresholds.
Dashboard and Reporting
  • Flexible user base dashboard configuration.
  • Monitor System health, Performance and utilization.