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nPointsTM Data Protection

nPointsTM Data Protection helps:

  • Optimizing desktop availability.
  • Minimizing risk by providing a secure desktop environment that meets compliance guidelines.
  • Lowering expenses by perform license sharing.
  • Improve Data Security.
  • Ensure IT desktop Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Desktop Maintenance Free

nPointsTM reboot policies allow operating system to boots form the clean image ensuring the best performance and virtually maintenance free. It allows IT to achieve zero maintenance and zero antivirus desktop environment.

Access OS Platform Virtually
– Anytime and Anywhere

Giving secure access to business partners or employees working on their own devices is as simple as opening a browser and connecting to the nPointsTM dynamic desktop access site.

Fully Disc Encryption

nPointsTM uses advanced encryption technique to protect locally stored data. We use full disk encryption instead of encrypting just the files containing the virtual machines. It provides a higher level of security as data store on the end user device is not accessible until the user fully authenticates.

Maximize Software Resource and mInimize Software

With nPointsTM , IT Administrator can create multiple master images to host different kind of applications. It allows the master image to be deployed to different endpoints at different time. This increases the utilization of applications & reduces software licenses purchase.

Prevent Data Theft For Lost At Endpoint

By maintaining your mobile workers’ sensitive data within the data center, nPointsTM can eliminate any concerns about loss or theft of an employee’s laptop.