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All the endpoints in your network environment from a single console

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nPointsTM Network Access Control

nPointsTM Network Access Control helps:

  • The main benefit of nPointsTM solutions is to prevent end-point that lack antivirus, patches, or host intrusion prevention software from accessing the network and placing other computers at risk of cross-contamination of computer worms.
  • Allow network operators to define policies, such as the types of computers or roles of users allowed to access areas within network, and enforce them in switches, routers, and network middle boxes.
  • Where conventional IP networks enforce access policies in terms of IP addresses, nPointsTM control endpoint accessing network environments based on authenticated user identities.
  • nPointsTM can restrict or deny network access to the computers that are not in compliance with the defined health requirements.
  • Network admission control systems allow noncompliant devices to be denied access, placed in a quarantined area, or given restricted access to computing resources, thus keeping insecure nodes from infecting the network.
Network Integrity Policy Check

Once the authentication is complete,each user must pass the integrity policy check before accessing the corporate network. Failed devices will be isolated and treated to be in full compliance with the systems policy.

Device and User Authentication

nPointsTM minimizes the risk of unauthorized access by interlocking the user’s login information, IP, Mac and terminal authentication key. These information must correspond in order to enter the corporate network.

Access Rights Management

Completely secure internal network to control policy to the authorized users within the group of your company network.

Report Usage

Creates a documented report to efficiently check the status of your local network system.