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nPointsTM IP Network Security

nPointsTM Network Security helps:

  • Ensure that your critical system - dependent systems are always available.
  • Reduce monthly static/DHCP-related IT management costs by up to 40%.
  • Manage and track all IP devices and IP usage across your organization for security and compliance.
  • Prevent illegal changes to network.
  • Reduce the risk of outages caused by overlapping IP addresses and manual IP configuration errors.
  • Manage and delegate network configuration workflow with full approval controls and audit.
  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing the corporate network.
  • Provide network log analysis report for network administrator.
IP Address Management

Allows IP address management to be done from a centralized location regardless of the number of branches or devices connected to the corporate network.

It provides real time IP / MAC information on network devices (pcs / mobile devices / tablets / network equipment / servers).

IP/MAC Address Control

nPointsTM is able to control and manage IP addresses by using a user friendly console. It helps administrators to protect corporate networks 24/7.

This automated system will prevent un-authorized users from accessing the corporate network.You can create multiple administrators / groups / IP-based control policies to reject security policies in the organization. This includes the option to automatically blacklist IPs which have been confirmed.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

nPointsTM is equipped with a Centralized Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. PC / device connected to the network will be provided with an IP address which can have a flexible renewal interval.

This can also be configuration to automatically rebind to the assigned IP. When using nPointsTM console, administrators can easily enforce DHCP policies to the user. By using its DHCP function, nPointsTM is able to maintain a database of available IP addresses and configuration information.


nPointsTM enables you to quickly and easily configuration powerful alert engines to respond to hundreds of different scenarios. These alerts help you recognize and correct problems before your users experience fault or performance issues.

It also provides an event log on any illegal network activities that happen on your network such as IP conflict, Address Resolution Protocol ( ARP ) attacks and illegal network packet broadcasts.


IP address management and network device inventory cannot be analyzed as snapshots in time. They need to be managed in real time. Instead of using periodic audits, the ongoing monitoring and reporting through nPointsTM ensures users have the most accurate, complete and up-to-date information available.

nPointsTM ensures you to know exactly what is happening within the network by tracking aspects like new network devices, tracing movements of end-points across multiple switches or identifying IP address conflicts quickly.