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nPointsTM Desktop Management

nPointsTM Desktop Management helps:

  • Increase efficiency and save time with a complete hardware and software management solution for all the systems and users in your complex network environment.
  • Support users in any networked environment securely and easily, reducing costs and the demands on help desk resources.
  • Increase user productivity and reduce resource needs by keeping pace with patches and updates and maintaining system-level security.
  • Save time and network bandwidth with patented, ultra efficient and fault-tolerant software distribution technologies.
  • Decrease software licensing costs and quickly respond to audits with comprehensive software license monitoring capabilities.
  • Boost efficiency and cost saving in term of software licensing.
  • Reduce waste of time on illegal website.
Hardware Inventory

The hardware information is gathered dynamically at a frequency to suite your environment. nPointsTM provides the ability to store data on obsolete or unused equipment as well as providing alerts when PC specifications change, for example the amount of RAM installed reduces.

Software Inventory

nPointsTM features a powerful software inventory suite. The key components are the ability to monitor and report the number of applications installed within the enterprise, where they are located, license levels and which users currently utilize the application.

Network Inventory

nPointsTM is systematic management of network equipment located between the server and client. It keeps track the current status of nPointsTM clients, IT Administrator can view the user information based on IP segment / Workgroup.

Remote Control

nPointsTM provides best of breed PC remote control for the corporate enterprise.

The features of remote control module are as follows:

  • Efficient trouble shooting tools such as 1:1 file transfer, chatting, send message and inventory information display.
  • Good response times even in low-bandwidth.
Internet Metering

The key functionality of this tool allows Manager to monitor which sites are visited, by which user and for how long. Once identified, the IT Manager can create lists of unauthorized sites that can then be restricted from general user access, this can be as a blanket policy, or for certain user groups, or for selected hours of the day.

Software Metering

Identifying what applications are deployed throughout your enterprise may service certain reporting requirements, but for a fuller picture and to allow effective license control, the IT Manager also needs up to date information on when applications are being used, by who and how these totals equate to their corporate licenses.

Software Distribution

nPointsTM has a powerful yet simple deployment suite. In a matter of minutes a user can create application packs ready for deployment to any number of systems. These can be "Pushed" onto users systems, "Pulled" by the users or scheduled for delivery at a pre-defined time.

Policy Control

nPointsTM provides the solution of policy control for the organization that does not run Domain Controller or Active Directory.

Patch Management

nPointsTM provides an effective, automated way to identify security vulnerabilities, and then collects and deploys security patches to client PCs across the organization.

Report Designer

Report Designer is an application tool that allows you to interface with the company-wide database to easily create and view data on screen or print them out in various output formats. Report Designer supports Windows standard user interface and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) so you can create report templates as easily as using a word processor.


nPointsTM features a powerful yet easy to use module for the corporate Helpdesk. nPointsTM Helpdesk is a fully Web Based solution providing detailed recording and tracking of user's requests.