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nPointsTM Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data Analytic a complex process of mining large and varied data sets gather from large group of endpoints by using nPointsTM Artificial Intelligence (AI) and visualize the result with nPointsTM Business Intelligence (BI) technology. This process help to uncover information like total visibility of the state of organization infrastructure, Endpoints system information, characteristic and behavior. It also allow IT Manager keep track and analyze endpoints capacity, network, internet and application performance in real time. The Data Analytic information is essential and very important for an organization to setting up an efficient and effective Resource Management system.

The Data Analytic result will reveal insight of organization infrastructure & endpoints security risk and audit compliance issues. Security Risk information like desktop & server patches vulnerability, software piracy, change of asset, software license audit compliance, internal hacking activities, un-authorized endpoints access to organization network, IP address collision disturbing business operation, staff open security backdoor by accessing un-authorized web site. These security issues will be gathered, analyzed, process, identify and alert to IT Manager before severe security breach happen.

In other word, Data Analytic result help organization mitigate operation risk by providing comprehensive endpoints and infrastructure trusted and updated information to allow IT Manager predict & forecast organization infrastructure security issues and take necessary corrective and preventive action to fix the issues immediately.