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Success Stories

We are one of the most successful endpoint management providers in Malaysia. Here are some of our stories.

Financial Service Institution - Banking

We helped our customer implement a solution that streamlined operations and reduced IT overstaffing from 65 to 5. OS security patches consistently achieved 85% success rate.

Financial Service Institution - Insurance

Asset inventory updates are automated so that audit report could be generated within 15 mins. Using our system support staff travel was reduced by more than 60%.


We implemented solutions that achieved near 100% success rates in asset inventory updates. Reduced support staff travel by 90%. Enhanced endpoint security in a BYOD environment.

Government Department

We successfully deployed lightweight agents to 100% of remote desktop clients from a single console on existing low-bandwidth network (before it was upgraded. Using policy control on web and application usage, we helped our customer boost productivity and deliver better service quality.

Customer testimonials

  • We at SME Bank have meet Desktop Management and secured controls required for federal complaince by implementing Worldtech nPoints. Our workstations are now more organized, manageable, and secure.

    SME Bank

  • For effectively managing IT System in an organization with domains and multiple applications, it's become essential to manage the environment in a safe, secure and functional way. Worldtech nPoints is an easy-to-use system that provides us with everything we need to achieve our management goals.

    Ministry of Finance