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Business Intelligence Dashboard - a quick glance for all

Comprehensive IT management software for all your business needs

Endpoints Solutions Made Easy


The only platform you will ever need for complete endpoint management. Visibility & control made-easy.

Simplify asset management and policy control in a complex IT enviroment.

  • Hardware/Software/Network Inventory
  • Web Metering & Restriction
  • Software Distribution
  • Patch Management
  • Report Designer
  • Helpdesk

Provide access control at the device level. Secure endpoints connected to your wired or wireless networks

  • IP Management
  • IP-to-MAC binding
  • Device Authorization / Blocking
  • Server IP Protection
  • Alert Notification

Analyze & optimize performance of your IT infrastructure and networks.

  • Network Discovery
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Network Monitoring
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Performance Dashboard

The smarter way to manage and protect your standard desktop environment

  • Easy Desktop Maintenance
  • Fast OS Deployment
  • Rich User Experience
  • Disk Encryption
  • Quick Recovery

Enable multiple levels of security. Giving you total endpoint protection.

  • Multi-layer Security
  • Host Integrity Check
  • Policy Configuration
  • Identity Accesss Management
  • User Quarantine
  • Single-pane View
  • Data Visualization
  • Different levels of Summary
  • Business Intelligence
  • Report Generation
Worldtech Solution

All sizes of Business

Whether our customers are small, medium or large enterprises, we believe in offering the optimal solution from day one. We will tailor your needs to the exact size, the perfect fit. No hidden cost, no surprises.

And that solution should be scalable and can grow according to future business needs of your organization. We listen to our customers and help them solve their problems today and be ready for the needs of tomorrow.

Visible Benefits

Our solutions offer you full visibility and control of your entire IT infrastructure. Your organization will experience a boost in productivity and enjoy greater operational efficiency. We provide you the tools to automate so you can save time and focus on what is important for your business.

  • We are committed to reducing cost
  • Removing complexity of endpoint management
  • Maximizing availability of your endpoints
  • Our product is light and easy to use with minimal learning cycle
  • Included are reporting tools and a business intelligence dashboard

Unique Features

We offer a broad spectrum of endpoint management solutions within a single platform. Our product utilizes lightweight agent-based and agentless technologies to provide you with the optimal solution for your existing network infrastructure. Simple, light, powerful.

  • Our products focus on ease-of-use, flexibility and adaptability
  • Support any number of endpoints with TCP/IP connectivity
  • Support any OS Platform
  • Includes an out-of-band solution

Choose a Trusted Solution. Choose nPoints

We have a proven track record delivering endpoint management solutions to different market segments.